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A recent question for myself?  Have I settled?  Have I achieved what I set out to achieve or is it somehow less? 

We run a reasonably successful small business.  We have been operating for 20 years so in my view that is success in itself because many don’t make it that far.  I have had several mentors along the way and have learned huge lessons from people who have done the running the business thing themselves.  However I want to take the business to the next level.  I believe I have extensive skills and experience and want to make a difference in the lives of others who are delivering learning and or running a small business.

I had attended two Business Mastery seminars and mostly we were already doing those things but there were some good takeaways about making improvements.  The one that stuck for me was about overcoming limiting beliefs.  I thought about it and discounted the thought.  My father had told me that I could do anything – and I believed him.  People told me that I took risks and blazed new trails – didn’t sound like someone who had limiting beliefs I thought.

I decided I would get a coach.  Having a coach was supposed to be what you did when you wanted to take your business to the next level and that was what I wanted.  I completed the paperwork and set my goals for the coaching.  We had the first session and got on well…….I was impressed.  And for homework she suggested I watch Sheryl Sandburg’sTED talks and even read her book.  Really!  What was she trying to say?  I watched and I read and thought that isn’t me.  I do what it takes!  Then the next reading was Brene Brown and then Tara Mohr.  What was she trying to say?  I was fine.  I can do anything any man can do!  But then why did I have problems thinking big?  And why were my income targets so low.  Maybe I was wrong and I could achieve more……..

Did I really have beliefs that were limiting my decision making?  I knew I could do whatever I wanted to – after all I had walked on fire twice.  I know what I could do if I put my mind to it.  That was not the problem.  The problem was I was not registering with myself that there were things that I wanted to achieve which I was not doing.  My upbringing and my conditioning were such that it had not occurred to me that I wanted more.  But now I WAS thinking about it I was surprised that I didn’t want to achieve more and that I was reluctant to think big.  I identified that I did have limiting beliefs.

I analysed the problem and started to take some action.  I joined Business Women Australia and started to network with some very successful women.  I looked at what I really did want to achieve and started planning.  Thinking big was a problem.  But I also had a lot of issues around sales and meeting the requirements of our sales strategy.  I was back in the land of “no one does training for entrepreneurs” particularly female entrepreneurs.  I am a great believer in “learning by doing” so why not put it into practice?!!!  And from there the ideas started coming.

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