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Australia has seemed to dodge the bullet with COVID19.

We have not experienced any of the health calamities experienced by counties such as Italy, UK and the USA.  Being a large island definitely contributes to our privileged position but more important has been the decisive decision making by our leaders.  Both Scott Morrison and Mark McGowan provided exemplary crisis leadership:  They acted quickly, provided regular, up to date information and facilitated support where needed.  They knew that there would be a heavy price to pay economically, but were initially focused on saving lives and maintaining health.

And for the most part, we behaved compliantly and went willingly into the biggest lock down in history.  Businesses and schools closed, and streets were empty.

For many this resulted in permanent closure of their business and loss of their livelihood. 

Why did we do this so willingly when other countries had such issues?  Was it the media generated fear or was it the strategic management provided by our leadership?  Or was it both?  Regardless, Australia has developed a global reputation from their handling of the Covid19 health crisis.

The next stage will be crucial; saving our economy. Australia is part of a global economy and the lock down has demonstrated how our supply chains are intertwined with others; leaving us dependent and vulnerable.  Our government has out layed a huge amount of assistance to businesses and individuals to cushion the effect on the economy.  There is now concern being voiced about how future generations are going to repay this.

In April 594,000 lost their job.  We are told that if our unemployment figures were calculated the way they are in the USA that they would be considerably higher than the current 6.5% – and the figures will no doubt continue to rise as more business close due to the changed global circumstances.

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